Common Cents Leadership

Fall 2023

Executive Board

If you are trying to reach the Executive Board, please email

President: Michael Sun (W '24, SEAS '24)

Vice President (Content and Growth): Ethan Blum (CAS '25)

Vice President (Event Planning and Affairs): Gina Ryu (W '26)

Vice President (Finance and Web/Tech & Analytics): Juan Lopez Ramos (W '25)

Vice President of Marketing & Design: Elaine Sun (CAS '25)

Committee Chairs

Content: Mehak Dhaliwal (CAS '26)

Event Planning: Alex Prayner (W '25)

Finance: Melissa Domen (W '27)

Growth: Justin Chu (CAS '25)

Affairs: Erin Hong (CAS '26)

Web/Tech & Analytics: Eric Chen (W '26, SEAS '26)